Panasonic launches 4K PL-mount studio camera for live cinematic video

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Panasonic launches 4K PL-mount studio camera for live cinematic video

Panasonic revealed the introduction in the region of the AK-PLV100GSJ 4K studio camera with a 5.7K Super 35mm sensor and PL mount. Audiences have grown accustomed to high quality video content from their streaming platforms, and their expectations of sports broadcasts, local news segments and streamed services will only grow. Recognizing this trend, Panasonic is launching the AK-PLV100GSJ studio camera to help production teams across industries in the Middle East to make their content more exciting and engaging.

Panasonic has been a pioneer of cine live technology and will bring this expertise to its AK studio camera lineup with the release of the AK-PLV100GSJ studio camera. It is equipped with a large format, super 35mm Imager and PL Lens mount to accommodate cinema lenses for a shallow-depth look. The AK-PLV100GSJ is a fully-enabled system camera, and is compatible with the AK-HCU250 and AK-UCU600 camera control units, making it a companion to existing B4 mount camera systems. To capture cinematic video, simply swap the existing camera head with the AK-PLV100GSJ.
“The Middle East Media and Entertainment market is undergoing significant transformation and industry reports predict that the demand for digital content will continue to grow considerably.  The introduction of the AK-PLV100GSJ 4K studio camera brings to life our vision for shaping the future of broadcasting in the region. It’s revolutionary features will help broadcasters create next-level audiovisual content that boasts superb video quality with powerfully expressive cinematic touch,” commented Hidetoshi Kaneko – Director System Solutions and Communications Division, Panasonic Marketing Middle East and Africa- FZE (PMMAF).

The AK-PLV100GSJ studio camera also leverages Panasonic’s expertise IP-based live production. It outputs 12G-SDI signals from the camera head and can interface with return, control and other communications directly, or through ST 2110 when used without a CCU. With this combination of features, the AK-PLV100GSJ gives media and entertainment professionals flexibility & control, that doesn’t sacrifice production quality.

To support production studios moving towards more connected, IP-based workflows, this camera will feature SMPTE2110 compatibility. This will enable more streamlined connection to the KAIROS IT/IP platform, which gives professionals unlimited control to deliver rich content to multiple screens and streams.
Key Features
Large Format Sensor and PL Mount for Various Expression
This 4K studio camera from Panasonic is equipped with a 5.7K Super 35mm sensor and PL mount, inheriting the design concept of our VariCam camera, allowing for powerfully expressive live cinematic video closer to creator’s intention with a shallow depth of field.

Simple IP-based Live Production without CCU
SMPTE ST2110 input/output is possible directly from the AK-PLV100GSJ camera head without connecting to a CCU, enabling IP-based live production with just the camera, doing away with the need for complicated systems. It is also possible to output 12G-SDI signals directly from the camera head, allowing for flexible system construction and wide-ranging operations.

Camera Head Can be Switched Anytime to Capture What you Want
The camera head is fully compatible with equipment in Panasonic’s 2/3-inch studio-camera system. By simply replacing the existing camera head with the AK-PLV100GSJ, cinematic video can be created with the existing CCU (AK-UCU600 or AK-HCU250).

Going forward, Panasonic is committed to enhancing live video broadcasting of music and sporting events with innovative solutions for on-site production, including IP-based studio cameras for advanced production and flexible system construction.

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