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Free Fire unveils its first ever villain character, Orion

Free Fire is introducing Project Scorpion: The Fist of Vengeance, the game’s latest campaign featuring its first-ever villain character, Orion. From May 12 to 28, players who join the festivities can experience the chaos the vengeance-seeking villain will unleash through a series of activities, including the themed in-game special interface that gifts players with Orion.

The excitement of Project Scorpion will culminate on May 20, when players and fans alike can witness the launch of the Legendary Scorpio Bundle that features a new legendary costume, participate in a new Triple Wolves game mode, and earn attractive login rewards Orion Character! Free Fire fans can also stay tuned to other multimedia content down the line that will reveal Orion’s past such as the main film Orion, The Fist of Vengeance, and a 3-part video series.
Dive into Orion’s journey of self-discovery as he learns how to control The Fist of Vengeance
Orion is a man consumed by his inner demons, quick to anger, and in a never-ending battle with himself. After the tragic murder of his parents, he was given a second chance when he was recruited into the Mambas. However, his unquenchable thirst to avenge his parents eventually led him down a dark path, corrupting his fists with vengeance.

Orion’s unique in-game skill, Crimson Crush, serves as a reflection of his struggle to find himself in a world that has taken everything from him. In the heat of battle, Crimson Crush allows Orion to temporarily become invincible and drain HP from nearby enemies.

Players will be able to collect Orion as a playable character through completing the missions in the time-limited Project Scorpion event available from May 12. Each milestone unlocks a reward and a memory shard, and progress is tracked visually as the character evolves from bearing crimson arms to donning a legendary costume. Upon overcoming the final mission, players will be awarded with Orion alongside other exclusive rewards including Scar Bloodmoon Weapon Crates, Scorpion Grande & Skyboard.

Fans and players can learn more about Orion’s dark and complex backstory in the film Orion, The Fist of Vengeance, as well as a 3-episode mini-series.
Event collectibles up for grabs include a scorpio-themed legendary costume and the new M1014 Evo Gun – Scorpio Shatter
Players can embody Orion’s strength and might with the new scorpio-themed legendary costume showcasing his corrupted fist starting May 20. Scorpio-themed designs for favorite weapons such as the Gloo Wall, katana, and fist skin, will also be available for players to choose and equip.

Free Fire will also launch the M1014 – Scorpio Shatter, a limited edition customisable Evo Gun designed after Project Scorpion. The weapon offers players a range of new features such as the Final Shot, which plays a full-screen animation of a crimson scorpion when players eliminate their last enemy, and special reload effects. In addition, the new gun will come with custom abilities that allow players to switch attributes and skills with their owned Evo M1014 – Green Flame Draco, and players can also rename their M1014 – Scorpio Shatter an unlimited number of times. More details about the new Evo M1014 Gun can be found in the teaser here.

Starting May 12, players can experience a new game mode with added competitiveness! Featuring mechanics similar to the popular Lonewolf Mode that has a 1v1v1 brawl setting, the Triple Wolves Mode will include both 1v1v1 and 2v2v2 options, pitting players against up to two teams to claim the top spot in the rankings. In each round, one player will get the chance to select the gun for all players. Players can also look forward to a new ice-themed map in this new game mode.

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