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LG unveils new MAGNIT Micro LED display for virtual production in the UAE

LG Electronics (LG) has announced the launch of its latest model of LG MAGNIT display in the UAE. The new model (LBAF) is specifically designed for virtual production, providing multimedia professionals with an advanced tool for broadcasting systems, movie studios, XR stages, helping to bring their creative vision to life.

Powered by LG’s Micro LED technology with millions of self-lit pixels, the new display delivers unmatched image quality with deep blacks, stellar contrast and vibrant, true-to-life colour representation. With Chip-on-board LED and Full Black Coating technologies, it not only enhances colour vividness, but also makes the details which were hidden in the shadows appear, creating an immersive visual experience. The structure of the display minimizes colour distortion across a wide viewing angle, making it suitable for large-screen configurations. For content creators seeking a deep effect, the new LG MAGNIT allows for adjustment of up to 10 degrees in concave area.

The new Micro LED display is a game-changer for film and media production, capable of seamlessly blending virtual and live-action elements by displaying digitally-rendered images in real time, synchronizing with monitors, cameras, camera trackers, and production computers. With HDR capability and low latency video processing, the display supports broadcast-quality, providing accurate and smooth playback. Its V-Sync can be adjusted to match the frequency between the camera and display, reducing a rolling shutter effect.

The digital display offers convenient installation and maintenance, designed to streamline the process. The new LG MAGNIT display provides easy access to panel modules and power supply units from the rear. The module can be easily removed with bare hands, as it features rear service access that does not require any tools, while positioning pins and magnets can help perform easy panel adjustments.

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