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AOC’s 100Hz Monitors offers smooth user experience

Leading monitors brand, AOC continues to highlight its unique products and provide an exceptional experience to users through the smoothest visuals and optimized fluidity with AOC’s 100Hz monitors.

AOC confirmed that 100Hz Monitors are designed not just for gamers but for all home users, these monitors deliver unparalleled performance and seamless visuals. AOC is committed to facilitating its customers with the best experience that makes the entertainment superior, so AOC proudly presents 100Hz refresh rate monitors, perfect for both work and leisure.

“These freshly designed 100Hz Monitors, display a comfortable and outstanding viewing and a smooth user experience. It’s all about catering towards the preferences of modern users with quality, equipped with high resolution and multiple connectivity options,” says Carol Anne Dias, Deputy Sales Director, Middle East & Africa.” AOC is well aware of its customers’ ambitions and needs to innovate the best & latest technology, not just to meet market demand, but to anticipate and drive the needs of its customers”.  

Unparalleled Fluidity for Every Scenario
AOC’s 100Hz monitors offer nearly twice the frame rate of traditional monitors in the B2C category, providing versatility and fluidity for all users. Experience a tear-free, immersive gaming experience, whether you’re playing action-packed, twitch-sensitive games, or energy-intensive high-speed races. These monitors ensure your gaming experience is stutter-free and without blurry motion.

The benefits don’t stop at gaming. These 100Hz monitors also offer effortless flow and comfort for your daily tasks, such as working on spreadsheets, typing emails, and engaging in creative design projects. Traditional work monitors don’t usually emphasize enhanced refresh rates, but AOC’s 100Hz monitors deliver a comfortable, fluid experience, rendering every frame sharply for an improved user experience.

A Fusion of Function and Form for Optimal Simplicity
AOC’s 100Hz monitors provide high performance with practical simplicity. Each monitor features a 3-sided frameless design, saving space, minimizing distractions, and allowing for easy customization of your home setup. The sleek, ultra-slim design is modern and easily transportable, showcasing how these monitors deliver exceptional performance while maintaining optimal simplicity for users’ convenience.

Affordable, Adaptable, and User-Friendly
AOC’s 100Hz monitors offer outstanding performance, accessibility, and convenience, all at a budget-friendly price compared to other high-refresh-rate monitors. Users can adjust these monitors’ ergonomics to suit any setup with VESA wall mount and tilt functions. Essential connectivity options, such as HDMI, are included. AOC is also committed to users’ wellbeing, with flicker-free technology and AOC Low Blue Mode to protect users from harmful blue light output. 

Upgrade Your Home Experience with AOC’s 100Hz Monitors
AOC’s 100Hz monitor lineup includes the 24B2HM2, 27B2HM2, 24B1XH2, 27B1H2, and the latest 100Hz model, the Q27B2S2. The 27” Q27B2S2 offers premium QHD resolution, DisplayPort and HDMI 2.0 support, a DC backlight system, and 16.7 million display colors. Designed for an exceptional user experience, optimal fluidity, and stutter-free visuals, this monitor is perfect for both work and gaming. Experience the unmatched performance, unbeatable prices, and fluid elegance of AOC’s 100Hz monitors today!

All the AOC monitors come with a 3-year warranty.

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