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How to maximise your gaming performance

Antoine Harb, Team Leader Middle East Kingston Technology talks about the latest advancements in hardware upgrades that are transforming gaming experiences without breaking the bank.

With the evolution of gaming over the years, the demand for more reliable hardware has also increased. Gamers are constantly seeking new ways to enhance their gaming experience while adhering to their budgets or replacing the entire gaming console or laptop.

In the past decade, there has been a phenomenal growth of esports and gaming in the Middle East. According to BCG’s latest gaming report, titled “Game Changer: Accelerating the Media Industry’s Most Dynamic Sector”, more than 60 per cent of the population in the Middle East are gaming enthusiasts. The survey also states that as the gaming sector expands and grow, most core gamers prefer to play on the laptop or console as it enables high-engagement AAA titles.

Gaming consoles have evolved from traditional disc-based systems to digital platforms with an emphasis on downloadable content and game updates. With this shift, the demand for enhanced storage and improved performance has become more pronounced. Recognizing this need, companies such as Kingston Technology have introduced their SSD Upgrade for Gaming Consoles, a game-changer that allows gamers to take their console’s performance to new heights without the need for a full hardware replacement.

Consoles such as the PS5 are equipped with an integrated SSD, which is fast, but still struggles to catch up with the voracious demands gamers have.  Companies such as Kingston have introduced the Kingston FURY Renegade SSD with Heatsink, its second-generation PCIe 4.0 NVMe M.2 drive for console and laptops gamers, which maintains speed and temperature while delivering cutting-edge performance in high capacities using the latest Gen 4×4 controller. Heatsink models are optional, delivering an additional layer of thermal dispersion so when the game heats up, the PS5™ console stays cool. With an SSD upgrade, loading times for games and applications are significantly reduced. Gamers can now jump into their favorite titles faster than ever before, maximizing their playtime and minimizing wait times. An SSD’s data access ensures that gamers experience seamless gameplay and smoother frame rates. This is advantageous for games that are graphically intensive, such as Star Wars and the Division 2. SSD upgrades also reduce control startup time, allowing for quick boot-up time and players to dive into the gaming world almost instantly.

Kingston Technology’s SSD’s are available in different capacities, and accommodate the needs of casual gamers and hardcore enthusiasts alike. The fluidity and responsiveness provided by the SSD upgrade can transform a good gaming experience into an unforgettable one. It enables gamers to immerse themselves fully in the virtual worlds they explore. SSD’s in the market currently are designed for ease of installation and are compatible with various gaming consoles, such as the latest PlayStation and Xbox models. This broad compatibility ensures that gamers across different platforms can benefit from offers.

Upgrading RAM for Elevated Gaming Performance
When it comes to upgrading laptops, only parts of gaming laptops can be upgraded. This, of course, depends on the model of the laptop as well. There are some laptops that have motherboards with extra slots allowing users the freedom to upgrade the RAM and SSD. Laptops that are unable to load programs or don’t respond during intensive gaming sessions need to be upgraded. Changing the RAM allows users to run applications smoothly and increases the laptop’s functionality. It is a critical component of laptops and computer systems and has a direct impact on a system’s performance, especially in gaming. Kingston’s DDR4 RAM modules deliver the speed and responsiveness gamers crave, elevating gaming performance to new heights. Kingston FURY Impact DDR4 or DDR5 memory cater to a wide range of gaming needs, offering various capacity options and frequencies to suit different budgets and system requirements.

One of the most significant aspects of companies like Kingston is their emphasis on upgrading systems. By offering different SSD and RAM upgrades, these organizations enable gamers to optimize their currents setups rather than go for costly overhauls. The emphasis on ‘upgrading’ also aligns with sustainability objectives, as prolonging the life of a system through upgrades reduces the overall impact on the environment and ensures gamers can make the most out of their investments.

Are Upgrades Worth It?
In conclusion, it is safe to say that such upgrade offerings help gamers unlock the true potential of their consoles and gaming laptops without going through the hassle of investing in newer systems. It is important that gamers pay attention to their systems and monitor its performance on a regular basis. If some parts are not working efficiently, it is always best to upgrade on time to have a high-performance gaming experience. Although it may not be too convenient to upgrade your system, it will be worth it to ensure your system continues to be a powerful gaming machine.


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