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Lenovo introduces the 12.7-inch 3K Tab P12 Android tablet with the Tab Pen Plus

Lenovo is introducing an addition to its lineup of consumer tablets powered by Android™, the Lenovo Tab P12, made for more versatility and enhanced personal time. The device, combining entertainment, learning tools, and added mobility, is engineered to meet the wide-ranging demands of consumers today, no matter where life takes them.

The Lenovo Tab P12 is the essential back-to-school device for high school and college-age students, with its blend of learning and playtime capabilities. It has a large 12.7-inch 3K display for both video watching and web browsing, a JBL® speaker system and Dolby Atmos®, which delivers a richer, multidimensional audio experience that brings out more depth, clarity, and details from entertainment. Its battery life supports extended usage for both learning and fun. The Lenovo Tab P12 stands out for its compatibility with the new Lenovo Tab Pen Plus and ThinkPad-inspired keyboard to facilitate smarter ways to learn. The large display can be split for multitasking—taking notes for an online class or viewing a document, while a specialized reading mode and eye care feature support long, immersive study sessions.

Tablet users’ needs are distinct and continually evolving, based on recent Lenovo research. A substantial majority use their tablets as tools for a combination of web browsing, entertainment, study and productivity – showing that moments of leisure are just as vital as periods of productivity. Most notably, people place paramount importance on battery life. As hybrid life in the post-pandemic era continues to take hold, consumers are increasingly blending work, learning, entertainment and leisure. To address these changing demands and desires, Lenovo designed the new Lenovo Tab P12 as a premium (P) and mainstream (M) tablet for entertainment, learning, productivity, and better portability for active hybrid lifestyles.

“From seamless transitions between work, study, and play to robust battery life, Lenovo tablets are helping to redefine the concept of smarter hybrid living,” said Tony Chen, Vice President of Tablets at Lenovo. “Tablet users are expecting more from their tablets than ever, with more than 80 percent using them for productivity and entertainment. That’s why the new Lenovo Tab P12 is designed as daily companions built to adapt to the versatile and evolving digital needs of modern tablet users and households.”

Lenovo Tab P12: Inspire, learn, and enjoy ‘me-time’

As Lenovo’s premier back-to-school tablet, the Lenovo Tab P12 is designed to make the most out of both study and playtime. This versatile device can accommodate multiple users and cater to the needs of students. Play, study, and create—all on one portable tablet.

For entertainment purposes, the Lenovo Tab P12’s large 12.7-inch LCD display has 3K (2944 x1840) resolution that’s ideal for streaming, design work, and light gaming. Its expansive display provides not only a broader view, but also high-quality visuals – offering 50 percent more pixel density than a Full-HD display of the same size. With more pixel density, the display delivers richer images within the same size, resulting in more intricate detail as well as a comparatively high contrast ratio for more eye-catching colors. The Lenovo Tab P12 incorporates a quad JBL speaker system and Dolby Atmos support for an immersive and multi-dimensional audio experience.

With up to 6GB RAM powered by an octa-core processor, this tablet is built for quick and smooth operations. Recognizing that battery life is a key factor for most users, the Lenovo Tab P12 carries a 10,200mAh battery, which allows up to 10 hours of video playback – ideal for long breaks.

As for studying that requires precise note-taking, diagram drawing or PDF annotation, the Lenovo Tab P12 comes with a Lenovo Tab Pen Plus, a handy stylus that works in concert with free Nebo® and MyScript Calculator 2 apps. To facilitate efficiency, the Lenovo Tab P12 can also function as a wireless drawing pad for one’s Windows PC using Lenovo Freestyle, which helps integrate tablet and PC experiences. Lenovo Tab P12 users can also switch quickly between entertainment to productivity by snapping on its ThinkPad-inspired keyboard for typing. The keyboard features keys with a 1.5mm key travel, gentle 0.2mm concavity, and a 19mm key pitch for a comfortable typing experience. The built-in trackpad and 16 functional shortcuts make it simple to navigate one’s workspace. For next-level multitasking, users can now access four apps in split screen and up to 5 floating windows. Furthermore, students who read a lot can experience its reading mode with background music and eye care features that offer a comfortable, engaging experience. The ultra-wide 13MP front camera is perfectly designed for online video calling and classes, while its thin and lightweight chassis make it quick and easy to carry around campus.

Get more with software and services

The Lenovo Tab P12 comes with a few key apps for learning:

  • Nebo® and MyScript® Calculator 2 for free
  • WPS with three months of premium features for free
  • Lenovo NotePad
  • Free year of ADP One services in select markets

Product Specs – Lenovo Tab P12


Performance Processors MediaTek™ Dimensity 7050 Octacore 2xA78 2.6GHz+

6 xA55 2.0GHz


OS Android 13

Two OS upgrades and four years of security patches in the field are expected.

Memory 4GB+128



Support Expandable MicroSD card (sold separately)

Display 12.7-inch LTPS LCD display with ambient color

2944 x1840, 60Hz refresh rate, 273ppi


Audio Quad JBL speakers
Camera Front: 13MP FF with RGB sensor and ultra-wide FOV

Rear: 8MP AF + Flash LED

Battery 10,200mAh

Up to 10 hours of video playback2

Sensors RGB sensor



Hall sensor

Fingerprint sensor on power key


Connectivity Ports USB Type-C® 2.0/charging/audio

MicroSD card slot


Wireless 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/ax

Wi-Fi 6

Bluetooth® 5.1

Design Dimensions

(W x D x H)

293.3 x 190.7 x 6.9 mm (without camera bump)
Color Storm Grey; Oat
Weight ~615g (tablet only)

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