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LG showcases the WashTower Laundry solution in Abu Dhabi

LG Electronics (LG) delivered on its promise to bring even more innovative features that prioritize user experience, convenience, efficiency, and sustainability to the region, as it previewed the LG WashTower in front of more than 500 guests at its two-day Middle East and Africa showcase event in Abu Dhabi.

Featuring a dedicated roundtable session at the unique customer-focused showcase, where LG representatives delved into its innovative features and capabilities, the revolutionary WashTower laundry solution represents a significant advancement in LG’s home appliance division, particularly in the UAE market.

Designed with compact living spaces in mind, combining a washer and dryer in a space-efficient design, the WashTower boasts generous capacities and advanced AI technologies like Artificial Intelligence Direct Drive (AI DD) and Smart Pairing. This innovative solution intelligently analyzes fabric characteristics, optimizing the laundry process by choosing the best washing pattern for each load and automatically syncing the dryer with the washer for efficient drying cycles, reducing fabric damage and extending clothing lifespan.

LG WashTower will come in the two sizes of 24” and 27” fitting for all laundry needs. Moreover, the LG WashTower compact laundry solution features an all-in-one control panel, inspired by a desire to simplify laundry care while meeting the evolving needs of consumers in the UAE. Its sleek compact design and advanced features like LG Allergy Care cycle, TurboWash 360, DUAL Inverter Heat Pump Dryer, Auto Cleaning Condenser, and LG ThinQ connectivity, enhance functionality and convenience, catering to modern fast-paced lifestyles.

The minimalist design and efficient performance of the WashTower align perfectly with the UAE’s emphasis on modern, space-saving solutions, making it a frontrunner in shaping the future of LG’s home appliance offerings in the region. The LG WashTower will be launched in the UAE in May 2024

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