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LG delivers more efficient, faster-cooling ACs

As temperatures soared in 2023, few things offered such soothing respite from hot discomfort as a well-oiled residential air conditioner (AC). LG Electronics (LG) delivered new, more efficient, faster...

LG’s latest air conditioners are engineered to combat the blistering heat and deliver unparalleled cooling comfort

As temperatures continue to rise, consumers living in this region face the challenge of extreme heat, which pushes conventional cooling systems to their limits. Recognizing the need for innovative air...

LG Gulf announces exclusive LG Multi V5 offers for villa residents in Abu Dhabi

With the summer right around the corner and temperatures expected to pick up, LG Electronics (LG) has announced an exclusive offer on the LG Multi V5 for villa residents in Abu Dhabi. The LG Multi V5 ...

LG showcases its latest home technology innovations in the UAE

LG Showcase MEA 2023 has opened its doors today for the first time in four years bringing the latest boundary-pushing products from LG Electronics. The two-day event held at Habtoor City in Dubai, UAE...

LG DUALCOOL offers eco conscious air conditioning

LG Electronics offers LG DUALCOOL residential air conditioners that provide highly efficient cooling and heating performance while significantly reducing energy consumption.

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