Key cybersecurity concerns of SMBs

While threat detections continue to rise, the widening cybersecurity skills gap is leaving businesses exposed. It is an issue particularly f...[Read More]

How livestreaming is accelerating the sports industry within the MENA region?

Over the past few decades, the sports industry in the MENA region has been rapidly growing. A report published by PwC stated that the Middle...[Read More]

New data-wiping malware brings down a number of Ukrainian websites

Hundreds of computers in Ukraine compromised just hours after a wave of DDoS attacks brings down a number of Ukrainian websites.

The future of retail and e-commerce

The retail industry is evolving at an unprecedented rate, adjusting and adapting to ever-changing consumer shopping behaviors. Demand for in...[Read More]

Bitcoin likely to double over next 12 months

Bitcoin’s current price drop will be seen as a major buying opportunity amongst investors with the value likely “to double over the next 12 ...[Read More]

Top 7 study apps every university student should know

If you are a university student, you definitely experience the study crunch sometimes. Balancing books, a social life, extracurricular activ...[Read More]

Future of digital marketing in the UAE

Before the pandemic, everything that was expected to happen over the next 5 or 10 years has happened over the course of 2020 alone, at least...[Read More]

Cheapest Places to buy MacBook Pro in UAE Online

As reliable and durable as Apple products are, no other brand offers such products or specifications. However, Apple products are out of the...[Read More]

Securing devices from top emerging threats in 2020

The year 2020 is turning out to be one of the most challenging years of our time, yet the threat of cybercrime seems to be gaining momentum....[Read More]

Top five lessons learned during lockdown

Although we haven’t been able to physically go to school or work for a while, that doesn’t mean we’ve stopped learning. In fact, the coronav...[Read More]

The new normal for education

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the world has changed, with much of life moving online. Not least affected is education: Sitting rooms ...[Read More]

4 Steps for superior night photography with HONOR 9X PRO

Capturing the beauty of the night can be a rewarding but also daunting experience with the challenges of inevitable motion blur, under satur...[Read More]

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