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NSA installed 50,000 malware on world computer networks

America’s NSA had established an army of “sleeper cells” – malware-infected, remote-controllable computers – on 50,000 networks by the middle of 2012.

Google’s Eric Schmidt offers tips on dumping your iPhone

So, Google’s Chairman Eric Schmidt wants people to ditch their iPhones and replace them with smartphones that run the Google Android operating system.

du is fully ready for Mobile Number Portability

In accordance with the TRA’s directive to roll-out  Mobile Number Portability in the UAE – commonly referred to as MNP,

Emotional 3.5-minute Google India ad moves many to tears

Six decades have passed since the partition of India and Pakistan separated millions, but the memory of it is still excruciating for many on both sides of the border.

Anonymous hacker gets 10 years in prison

Internet activist Jeremy Hammond who pleaded guilty to hacking servers of the private intelligence company Statfor

YouTube streaming now added to Jabra Sound App

The Jabra Sound App for mobile devices has been upgraded.

MENA smartphone users proactive in protecting security

As the MENA region’s smartphone penetration grows, users have been proactive in downloading mobile apps to protect their security and privacy.

Keep a tab on mobile data usage with du Data Manager app

Ever run out of data without even realising how much you’ve consumed?

Is Microsoft planning to give Bing the axe?

Former Nokia CEO Stephen Elop, who is one of the top candidates in a recently narrowed down list to take over Steve Ballmer’s job as Microsoft CEO

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