Enhancing the future of lifestyle, convenience and experiences with LG CLOi robots

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Miko launches its latest robot Miko 3

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Jacky’s Business Solutions to showcase Robots at Gitex

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Xiaomi unveils its first humanoid robot, CyberOne

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Xiaomi launches its new quadruped robot called the CyberDog

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Carrefour UAE adds 11 more Tally Robots to its robotic fleet

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LG is developing an autonomous robot that features disinfecting UV light, to be unveiled at CES 2021

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Misa Robotics now available across GCC

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Four-legged robots to laser scan Ford’s plant

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Sanitizexperts UVC automated robot fights COVID-19

Sanitizexperts has launched a new UVC automated robot that uses AI technology and can disinfect public spaces in the fight against COVID-19....[Read More]