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Watch: Unboxing the new Insta360 ONE

Insta360’s new ONE is a 4K 360 camera that represents a breakthrough for both immersive storytelling and for the way that we capture and share traditional framed video. The Insta360 ONE shoots 3...

Insta360 Launches 8K Professional 3D VR Camera at CES

Insta360 has launched the new Insta360 Pro professional VR 3D camera at CES 2017. “The standalone camera raises the bar for professional VR imaging with 8K resolution, 3D image and video capturi...

Insta360 Air Clip-On Smartphone Camera Lets You Livestream 360-Degree Videos

Today Insta360, a leading provider of 360-degree camera technology, has launched an Indiegogo campaign for the Insta360 Air. This one is a clip-on smartphone camera that captures 360-degree HD images ...

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