APT group

Tick APT group compromises DLP company

ESET researchers have uncovered a compromise of an East Asian data-loss prevention (DLP) company. During the intrusion, the attackers deploy...[Read More]

ESET reveals APT group targeting officials with honey-trap in India, Pakistan and Middle East

ESET researchers have analyzed a cyberespionage campaign distributing CapraRAT backdoors through trojanized and supposedly “secure” Android ...[Read More]

ESET discovers WinorDLL64 backdoor

ESET researchers have discovered the WinorDLL64 backdoor, one of the payloads of the Wslink downloader. The targeted region, and overlap in ...[Read More]

ESET identifies APT group StrongPity targeting Android users via Telegram app

ESET researchers identified an active StrongPity APT group campaign leveraging a fully functional but trojanized version of the legitimate T...[Read More]

Iran-aligned hacker group attacks diamond industry

ESET researchers discovered a new wiper and its execution tool, both attributed to the Iran-aligned Agrius APT group. The malware operators ...[Read More]

ESET Research discovers Hodur data wiping malware

ESET Research discovered a still-ongoing cyberespionage campaign using a previously undocumented Korplug variant by the Mustang Panda APT gr...[Read More]

ESET Research investigates APT group Donot Team

ESET researchers have uncovered recent campaigns and an updated threat arsenal of the infamous APT group Donot Team (also known as APT-C-35 ...[Read More]