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New data-wiping malware brings down a number of Ukrainian websites

Hundreds of computers in Ukraine compromised just hours after a wave of DDoS attacks brings down a number of Ukrainian websites.

Cybercriminals may target Tokyo Olympics

Amer Owaida, Security Writer at ESET highlights that cybercriminals may target the popular event with ransomware, phishing, or DDoS attacks in a bid to increase their notoriety or make money.

Cyberattacks targeting gaming industry skyrocket

Amer Owaida, Security Writer at ESET highlights that during the COVID-19 pandemic period the cyberattacks targeting the gaming industry skyrocket, with web attacks more than tripling year-on-year in 2...

Cybercrimes increase as education goes online

Tamer Odeh, Regional Director at SentinelOne in the Middle East discusses the varied threats that educational institutions can face today and what needs to be done to thwart those attacks. He further ...

UAE Second Most Targeted Country in MEA for Ransomware

Cyber criminals revealed new levels of ambition in 2016 – a year marked by extraordinary attacks, including multi-million dollar virtual bank heists and overt attempts to sabotage organizations by sta...

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