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TP-LINK Ranked No.1 Global Provider of WLAN Devices Consistently For A Decade

After 40 consecutive quarters of being ranked No. 1 in the IDC WLAN Market Report, TP-Link Corporation Limited, the world’s leading supplier of networking is celebrating 10 years of being the No...

Review: TP-Link Deco X90 AX6600 Home Mesh Router

We all have always come across scenarios where we wish that the WiFi signal covers almost our entire home without sacrificing the speed of the internet. And while all routers are different in terms of...

TP-LINK launches the Deco X90 Wi-Fi 6 mesh system in the UAE

TP-LINK has officially launched the Deco X90 in the UAE, its latest Wi-Fi 6 mesh system. The new device features the latest technology — such as Wi-Fi 6, AI-Driven Mesh, and premium hardware — the tri...

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