ESET Research

ESET discover scheme to steal cryptocurrency targeting smartphones

ESET Research discovered and backtracked a sophisticated malicious cryptocurrency scheme that targets mobile devices using Android or iOS op...[Read More]

ESET Research discovers Hodur data wiping malware

ESET Research discovered a still-ongoing cyberespionage campaign using a previously undocumented Korplug variant by the Mustang Panda APT gr...[Read More]

ESET stops all sales in Russia

In response to the shocking decision by the Russian Government to invade Ukraine, ESET announced that it is stopping all new sales to any in...[Read More]

ESET’s research into “Bring Your Own Vulnerable Driver”

ESET Research has released an in-depth blogpost offering an in-depth look into the abuse of vulnerable kernel drivers. Vulnerabilities in si...[Read More]

Latin American banking trojans spreading into Europe

ESET Research extensively followed the Latin American banking trojans since last year and found that they share a lot of common characterist...[Read More]

ESET uncovers APT-C-23 group’s new Android spyware

ESET researchers have analyzed a new version of Android spyware used by APT-C-23, a threat group active since at least 2017 that is known fo...[Read More]

New malware attacking Chinese VoIP platform discovered

ESET researchers have discovered and analyzed malware that targets Voice over IP (VoIP) softswitches. This new malware, named CDRThief by ES...[Read More]