ESET researchers

AceCryptor malware hit computers 10,000 times every month

ESET researchers have revealed details about a prevalent cryptor malware, AceCryptor, which operates as a cryptor-as-a-service used by tens ...[Read More]

ESET discover Lazarus DreamJob campaign targets Linux users

ESET researchers have discovered a new Lazarus Operation DreamJob campaign targeting Linux users. ESET Research was able to reconstruct the ...[Read More]

ESET discover hackers stealing from cryptocurrency wallets

ESET researchers have discovered dozens of copycat Telegram and WhatsApp websites targeting mainly Android and Windows users with trojanized...[Read More]

ESET reveals APT group targeting officials with honey-trap in India, Pakistan and Middle East

ESET researchers have analyzed a cyberespionage campaign distributing CapraRAT backdoors through trojanized and supposedly “secure” Android ...[Read More]

ESET reveals BlackLotus can bypass UEFI Secure Boot on fully patched systems

ESET researchers are the first to publish an analysis of a UEFI bootkit that is capable of bypassing an essential platform security feature ...[Read More]

Iran-aligned hacker group attacks diamond industry

ESET researchers discovered a new wiper and its execution tool, both attributed to the Iran-aligned Agrius APT group. The malware operators ...[Read More]

North Korean hackers stealing data via Google Drive

ESET researchers analyzed a previously unreported sophisticated backdoor used by the ScarCruft APT group. The backdoor, which ESET named Dol...[Read More]

ESET Researcher discover new threat to Mac users

ESET researchers discovered a previously unknown macOS backdoor that spies on users of compromised Macs and exclusively uses public cloud st...[Read More]

Lazarus carries out attacks misusing LinkedIn and WhatsApp

During the annual ESET World conference, ESET researchers have been presenting about a new investigation into the infamous Lazarus APT group...[Read More]

ESET Research investigates APT group Donot Team

ESET researchers have uncovered recent campaigns and an updated threat arsenal of the infamous APT group Donot Team (also known as APT-C-35 ...[Read More]

ESET uncovers cyberespionage supply-chain attack on gamers in Asia

ESET researchers discovered a new supply-chain attack compromising the update mechanism of NoxPlayer, an Android emulator for PCs and Macs. ...[Read More]

ESET report reveals COVID-19 leads the surge in cyberattacks

ESET has released its Q2 2020 Threat Report, summarizing key statistics from ESET detection systems and highlighting notable examples of ESE...[Read More]