Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 Benchmarking Results: Here’s What You Need to Know

Last week, Review Central was at Qualcomm’s San Diego campus, putting the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chip to test. The Snapdragon 835 alrea...[Read More]

Qualcomm to Move Beyond Processors to Platforms

Reporting from San Diego, California, US: Qualcomm has announced new initiatives and changes to its strategies, at its Snapdragon 835 benchm...[Read More]

Xiaomi Reportedly Working on its Own Processors Named “Pinecone”

Various reports suggest that China-based phone manufacturer Xiaomi is working on its own set of chips for its smartphones in a bid to break ...[Read More]

Qualcomm Issues Statement On Apple Complaint

Qualcomm has said the claims made by Apple in its lawsuit against the company are baseless. On Friday, Apple filed a $1 billion lawsuit agai...[Read More]

Apple Sues Qualcomm Citing Extortion Attempts

Apple has filed a patent royalty lawsuit against Qualcomm, alleging the firm failed to pay owed rebates in retaliation for Apple’s par...[Read More]

Qualcomm Accused of Anti-Competitive Practices

Qualcomm forced Apple to use its chips exclusively in return for lower licensing fees, unfairly cutting out competitors, the U.S. said in a ...[Read More]

Qualcomm enables wireless charging 

Qualcomm has successful engineered a solution to enable wireless charging for devices with metal exteriors. The solution is powered by Qualc...[Read More]

Wi-Fi speeds to get three times faster

Qualcomm announced that it has plans to triple wi-fi speeds in homes, offices and public networks by changing the way in which wi-fi network...[Read More]

Qualcomm’s Toq smartwatch available now on pre-order

While Qualcomm’s first smartwatch, Toq, won’t hit the market until December 2, 2013, but starting today you can pre-order the wearable devic...[Read More]

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