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ESET Threat Report highlights remarkable adaptability of cybercriminals

ESET has released its latest Threat Report, which summarizes threat landscape trends seen in ESET telemetry from December 2022 through May 2023. In H1 2023, we observed developments highlighting cyber...

Russian APT groups continue to target Ukraine

ESET Research released its latest APT Activity Report, which summarizes discoveries about select advanced persistent threat (APT) groups that were observed, investigated, and analyzed by ESET research...

10 major challenges facing cybersecurity

To mark Antimalware Day this year, Juan Manuel Harán from ESET rounds up some of the most pressing issues for cybersecurity now and in the future 

Ransomware payments creates a new record in 2021

Ransomware payments hit new records in 2021 as cybercriminals increasingly turned to Dark Web “leak sites” where they pressured victims to pay up by threatening to release sensitive data, ...

Ransomware costs American companies $21 billion in downtime

Amer Owaida, Security Writer at ESET explains that the victims lost an average of nine days to downtime and two-and-a-half months to investigations, an analysis of disclosed attacks shows

ESET reveals increase in attacks on Remote Desktop Protocol

ESET released today its T2 2021 Threat Report highlighting several concerning trends, including increasingly aggressive ransomware tactics, intensifying brute-force attacks, and deceptive phishing cam...

Cybercriminals may target Tokyo Olympics

Amer Owaida, Security Writer at ESET highlights that cybercriminals may target the popular event with ransomware, phishing, or DDoS attacks in a bid to increase their notoriety or make money.

How to minimize the impact of ransomware attack

Cameron Camp, Security Researcher at ESET explains that by failing to prepare you are preparing to fail – here’s what you can do today to minimize the impact of a potential ransomware attack in the fu...

Securing devices from top emerging threats in 2020

The year 2020 is turning out to be one of the most challenging years of our time, yet the threat of cybercrime seems to be gaining momentum. Strange and perplexing as it may be, the current environmen...

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