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How to avoid being scammed on TikTok

Carey van Vlaanderen, CEO of ESET South Africa highlights the dangers associated with TikTok and shares a few tips so that you can stay safe while operating TikTok

How to stay safe from cash app frauds

Phil Muncaster, guest writer at ESET highlights that it pays to be careful and here’s how you can stay safe from fake giveaways, money flipping scams and other cons that fraudsters use to trick paymen...

How to avoid common Facebook Marketplace scams

Phil Muncaster, guest writer at ESET explains what to watch out for when buying or selling stuff on the online marketplace and how to tell if you’re being scammed

How to safeguard yourself from cryptocurrency scams

Phil Muncaster, guest writer from ESET explains that as you attempt to strike it rich in the digital gold rush, make sure you know how to recognize various schemes that want to part you from your digi...

How to secure teens from 5 common scams

Amer Owaida, Security Writer at ESET explains in this article that from knock-off designer products to too-good-to-be-true job offers, here are five common schemes fraudsters use to trick teenagers ou...

How to avoid Instagram scams

Sophos Naked Security explains how Instagram has become an ideal place for cybercriminals to operate largescale scams amidst its gaining popularity and offers suggestions on how to safeguard ourselves...

Beware of scams in the name of coronavirus

Tony Anscombe, Global Security Evangelist and Industry Ambassador at ESET warns to beware of malware-laden emails to fake donations, which are some of the most common cons in the name of coronavirus y...

How to protect against the threat of scam apps grows

Lysa Myers, Security Researcher at ESET explains how to safeguard yourself against the growing threat from deceptive practices by advertisers and app developers to scam iOS and Android users.

How to avoid an own goal

Guest written by Tomas Foltyn from ESET, discusses the dangers posed by various scammers and cyber criminals during the forthcoming football World Cup in Russia. Have you been looking forward to the 2...

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