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Ex-Nokia engineers launch Sailfish-based Jolla phone

The former engineers of Nokia have created their own company to launch the latest brand of smartphones. The engineers who are working now to grow their business, the new Jolla smartphone, are those engineers who were working on the MeeGo OS for Nokia. However, MeeGo OS was ditched by Nokia as the company favored Microsoft over the MeeGo OS. The former engineers of MeeGo OS have decided to continue their work by creating their own business. Right after being ditched by Nokia, the engineers are now set to launch their first ever smartphone unit.

After Nokia dropped the development of the MeeGo OS in favor of the Windows OS by Microsoft last 2011, the engineers decided to continue the development of the MeeGo OS. However, the OS was renamed to OS Sailfish. The software of the handset makes use of the Android device drivers.

Jolla Phone 2

With these Android device drivers, it is no doubt that this forthcoming Jolla smartphone can definitely put up a good fight with the biggest brands of smartphones today, considering the fact that the handset is capable of running on the extensive scope of emerging hardware and of running a number of apps that are designed for Google’s OS.

The Jolla smartphone has been launched just this week. There were only a total of 450 Jolla units available during the launching event in Finland. These units are especially for those who made early pre-orders for the handset.

Jolla Phone 3

There is no need for us – those who were not able to grab their own Jolla handset – to worry since these handsets will be available very soon in the market. Within this week, the company will start selling and distributing their first model of smartphone at a price of around €399.

Expect a 4.5-inches display that comes with a multi-touch and Gorilla 2 Glass. Its back camera is expected to perform extremely well as it is an eight megapixel camera. It also has a two megapixel front sensor that is specifically designed for video chat purposes. Its battery life is also very stunning as it claims to last up to 10 hours of talk time over 3G or even 4G LTE.

Just like most smartphones already available in the market, it comes with a 16GB internal storage and a 1GB RAM. It also has a microSD card slot. What most people are excited about Jolla smartphone is its “The Other Half.” It is the plastic rear half of the handset. It is available in a variety of colors. “The Other Half” is intended to give the users the freedom to personalize their device.

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