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Samsung launches the first curved UHD TV in the world

Samsung Electronics has unveiled the first commercial Curved Ultra High Definition (UHD) TV and announced its robust 2014 curved and UHD TV lineup, further serving as a testament to Samsung’s knack for quick product innovation and breakthrough design.

In 2013, the company introduced its latest and most advanced technology through unveiling the world’s first UHD TV which ignited consumer demand for the new technology. Today, Samsung has proved its undisputed technological leadership in the world of TVs by introducing the world’s first and largest Curved UHD TV at 105″.

Jae Cheon Park, Samsung Electronics KSA General Manager, explained, “As a result of the media’s overwhelming positive feedback to these newest products, we are pleased to present the Curved UHD TV at 105″ and the 85” Bendable UHD TV, which is made possible with the touch of a button, to consumers around the world. He further added, “People who are passionate about entertainment will have a whole new way to experience the content they love with these exciting new models that showcase exceptional design and UHD picture quality.”

Samsung remains in the forefront of the TV industry – not only in terms of sales volume, but also as the first company to launch a wide range of UHD TVs, including four curved TVs which provide a bold theatrical experience. The company also displayed a bendable TV which enables viewers to transform from a flat panel to a curved TV through the touch of a button. Through the launch of these products, Samsung has fundamentally changed the way the world views TVs.

Samsung’s TVs are the only TVs on the market that are future-ready, thanks to the Samsung UHD Evolution Kit. The One Connect Box essentially houses the brains of the TV externally, enabling customers to switch out the box with the latest Samsung UHD Evolution Kit to stay up to date on the latest UHD standards, as well as to get access to the newest technology Samsung has to offer, all helping customers protect their investment for many years to come.

Samsung’s U9500 105-inched Curved UHD TV is the World’s first and large curved UHD TV in the world. It features an expansive display, curved design and is the largest TV ever with a movie-theater aspect ratio of 21:9. The result: a truly cinematic viewing experience in the living room. From HD to Full HD to 4K sources, everything will look better on this TV. The combination of the screen size and Samsung’s Auto Depth Enhancer technology brings amazing depth to the picture and produces a life-like viewing experience.

The U9000 Series Curved UHD TV line, the world’s first curved UHD, was a CES Innovations Design and Engineering Awards honoree at the CES 2014 and is Samsung’s flagship TV for 2014. The U9000 series is completed by 75-inch, 65-inch and 55-inch Curved TVs, all with an elegant minimal base and ultra slim bezels

The U8550 Series offers UHD resolution and detail, unmatched clarity and immersive, rich picture quality. The TV not only analyzes the signal source and reduces artifacts but it also now interpolates details based on information from a picture quality database that is embedded in the TV’s system-on-chip (SoC). The Series will be available in five screen sizes: 75″, 65″, 60”, 55″ and 50″.

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