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The time’s now to upgrade from Win XP to Win 8, says Microsoft

Microsoft is reminding its Windows XP users to upgrade to the latest Windows 8 OS if it meets the system requirements or purchase a new one to stay up-to-date with security and features.

By now, all Windows users must be aware of Microsoft’s decision to pull the plug on its oldest desktop OS, Windows XP in April. Despite that, most users are choosing not to upgrade to the newer versions offered by the software giant for various reasons – one being the older desktop OS is known for its user-friendliness. Microsoft wants all its XP users to switch to the latest Windows 8.1 before their systems are left vulnerable to cyber attacks.

The Redmond software company has time and again reminded users about the switch and its benefits, and this time using its official blog site, Microsoft is appealing not just to XP users, but also non-XP users to encourage other users to make the switch. The blog also reads, “at a point when we stand 57 days ahead of end of support for XP, the company will issue more warnings, communications and outright insistence to convince users to do as advised.”

Brandon LeBlanc, the company’s senior marketing communications manager, also asked some tech-savvy readers to assist those who need help with the transition. In addition, a dedicated Windows page clearly explains what “end of support” means and how to take action to protect PCs from viruses and malware.

LeBlanc recommends two options, one to upgrade the current PC to Windows 8.1 if it meets the system requirements, which can be checked by running the Windows Upgrade Assistant tool, and second to buy a new machine that comes preloaded with the latest Windows OS.

The Friday’s blog post did mention Windows 7 as an option for users to choose from, which many in the comment section pointed out was a sales pitch by Microsoft.

A survey from Net Application revealed that Windows 7 is the most popular OS with 47.49 percent share, up from 46.64 percent in November. Windows XP, on the other hand, still stands strong in the second position, with 29.23 percent. Though, the number has fallen from 31.22 percent in November, most users are sticking to the older OS. As for the Windows 8 and 8.1, the OS is growing at a steady but slow rate. It currently powers 10.58 percent of all PCs. The comparison of desktop operating systems powering various systems includes all Windows versions, Mac, Linux and others.

Microsoft also noted in its blog that its site will be updated with latest offers on new devices, so users can make their choice with ease.

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