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mySmart All-in-One monitors from AOC now available

Display specialist AOC has launched two Smart All-in-One monitors. The 21.5” (54.6) and 23.6″ (59.9 cm) innovative touch-controlled models from the 72 Series deliver excellent picture quality, solid computational power for a smooth Android operating system performance and a rich set of features to offer a real Smart All-in-One solution. Office applications, internet access, games and other applications can be run directly on the mySmart All-in-One monitors.

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As no PC is required, this easy-to-use hassle-free concept is the perfect solution for seniors, children or anybody who shies away from complicated and expensive computer set-ups. Tech savvy mobile users, who have their files stored in the cloud, will also benefit from the new mySmart displays. In addition to their living-room usage, the mySmart All-in-One monitors are also a good choice for public deployment in airports, banks, hotel lobbies, restaurants and educational institutions.

The Full HD displays employ a 1.6 GHz quad core processor from the NVIDIA T33 series under an Android operating system. Thanks to the All-in-One set-up, users can surf the internet, play games or enjoy entertainment – all without the need for a computer. Boasting a sophisticated IPS panel with touch control, these brand-new models can act both as super-sized tablets and monitors. AOC fits out the smart displays with 2 GB of DDR3 memory to provide enough computational power for a really smooth Android experience. The 8 GB Flash memory leaves generous space for documents, pictures and apps which can also be extended via the SDHC memory card slot if needed.

The mySmart All-in-One monitors can be linked via their D-Sub and HDMI connectors. They also boast two USB connectors and a Micro USB port supporting USB on-the-go to act as a host for compatible USB gadgets such as printers, cameras or pen drives. To easily participate in conference or video calls, there are a built-in microphone, 2 watt speakers and a 720p HD webcam as well. For internet access, AOC equips the models with an RJ45 jack and a WiFi module. A 3.5 mm jack has also been added to connect external audio set-ups.

Both models come in a stylish, black and silver design that also includes intelligent tilt adjustability from 15° to 57°.

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