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Hisense launches ‘Vision TV’ and a series of Smart TVs in the UAE

Hisense, a leading provider of flat panel TVs, household appliances and mobile communication devices – has officially unveiled its revolutionary ‘Vision TV’ powered by Android in the UAE.  Dr. Wang Zhihao, the Senior Vice President of Hisense Group and Dr. Omar Ghanayem, the Technology Division Director of Grand Stores revealed the most acclaimed ‘Vision TV’ from Hisense.

With Google Play Store, Chrome Web Browser, Full HD 1920p x1080p 3D LED screen, Voice Search facility, Digital High Definition Tuner, Built-in Dual Band WiFi, Digital Media Player and many more ultra-modern features, the new Android powered Vision TV opens the door to endless possibilities of infotainment and is expected to totally redefine the SMART television experience of tomorrow.

One of the first Android televisions to be certified by Google, the Hisense Vision TV provides a much smoother experience where users can find thousands of Apps, lots of games, movies, TV shows and music directly from the TV and enjoy the sophistication of what a Smart TV should be.  The edge-lit Hisense Vision TV range comes in 40-inch, 50-inch, 55-inch, 65-inch, 75-inch and 85-inch models.

Hisense XT880

“Here in the UAE, the demand for SMART televisions has significantly grown over the recent years.  Driven primarily by innovative technology and sliding prices, we foresee a healthy growth pattern in the UAE Smart TV market with our superior quality TVs that are offered at competitive price points. Now with Grand Stores on board as our reliable partner in this segment, we are confident that our market performance will be taken care with utmost diligence and dignity,” said Dr. Wang Zhihao – Senior Vice President of Hisense Group.

Addressing the audience, Dr. Omar Ghanayem – Technology Division Director of Grand Stores, said, “Hisense is inarguably one of the world’s leading brands in televisions with a strong growth plan in this region.  UAE is a major regional market for Smart TVs and its sales are expected to grow steadily in the light of increasing young demographics, expanding job market, rising income, cosmopolitan appeal and transformation of UAE as a preferred shopping destination amongst the travelers.  In addition, the people of UAE are technology friendly individuals seeking innovative products that add ease & comfort to their busy lifestyle, making Hisense SMART televisions a perfect fit.”

“Hisense has been well received by the customers as a reliable brand and our Smart TVs are already popular in the market for its innovative features, unbeatable quality and affordable price points.  With a strong product portfolio, an ambitious progressive plan and a resourceful operational team we foresee a strong quarter to quarter growth and a totally positive future for Hisense Smart TVs in the UAE” added Terry Wang, General Manager of Hisense Middle East.

Transforming colorful fantasies to real life experience, the event also featured the special demonstration of Glass-Free 3D television from Hisense.  The new 50-inch TV uses an Ultra High Definition (UHD) panel to provide a clear, 3D picture from almost any angle, so multiple viewers can enjoy the 3D effect without needing multiple pairs of glasses.  The UHD panel displays a 2160p resolution image by using a video engine that projects the content through a high-precision lenticular lens. A facial tracking system built into the TV also adjusts the image subtly to ensure the user gets the best possible view. Thus, viewers can enjoy the 3D images even when they are not directly in front of the screen.  In addition, Hisense Glass-Free 3D TV can also convert almost any 2D video into 3D visuals!

Yet another distinctive attraction of the event was the live display of brand new 65” H8s Curved Ultra HD TV from Hisense. The curved screen allows for a viewing experience just like the movie theater, without a bad seat in the room. With spectacular 3840 x 2160 pixel resolution and a vibrant 120Hz, every viewer feels like they are part of the action.  The legendary H8s comes loaded with Android 4.2 and dozens of SMART TV features.  Accessing the digital content is a cake walk as the H8 has built-in HDMIx4, WiFi and three USB ports to support 4K video play. It also comes with the stunningly simple VIDAA user interface, Air Bridge Digital Media Player and state-of-the-art Merlin Air Mouse remote control.

Adding further to the astonishment of the guests, Hisense presented its first transparent television that features a 3D display.  The thin prototype LCD television let the viewers see through its 1080p display panel with remarkable clarity.  In other words, the transparent 3D LCD TV from Hisense makes it possible to have physical objects behind the display be completely visible while, simultaneously, having a picture or video floating in front of the display screen!

This innovative technology is predominantly intended to corporate buyers for applications on office walls or as an advertising display. Other potential applications include use in museums and other attractions where it could be used to create displays that combine real objects such as artifacts with 3D images. Further to this, Hisense has also developed its 100” laser TV, 60” 21:9 cinema TV, variable curved TV, full series of ULED and these products will come to the market by the beginning of 2015.

The exclusive event that showcased the latest range of next generation SMART televisions from Hisense, increased the brand awareness and provided a unique opportunity for the people to experience tomorrow’s technology, today.

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