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LG shows off some cool products at GITEX Shopper 2014

UAE Shoppers in Abu Dhabi were introduced to the latest LG Electronics (LG) home entertainment line-up this month at Khalidiya Mall. Mall goers were excited to see the ground breaking technology that sets LG apart from the rest of its competitors on full display, available for everyone to interact with and witness the unique traits first hand. The showroom, proudly hailed as a UAE success, was one of the first in a series of events targeted at UAE consumers to usher in the GITEX shopper experience.

Front and center at this year’s showroom event was the 105-inch CURVED ULTRA HD TV from LG. Consumers from all over the emirates considered this television to be a work of art with its CinemaScope 21:9 aspect ratio and resolution of over 11 million pixels (5120 x 2160). The television unit delivered an unparalleled immersive viewer experience with ultra-sharp, life – like images transporting viewers into their favorite form of entertainment even when being surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the mall. The other premium TV’s on display in the Premium ULTRA HD Zone in the showroom were the UB9800, UB8400, and UB7900, all delivering the ultimate HD experience but in a smaller package.

LG also had an OLED activation zone at the showroom, where the 77-inch 4K Curved OLED television unit was on full display. The latest 77-inch screen size (77EG9700) features one of the most intricate displays that are currently available on the market. Not only does the dynamic color representation grab people’s attention, but the curved panel of the screen which utilizes organic light-emitting diodes gives an Ultra HD display quality to any picture appearing on the screen. In fact viewers of the road show praised the OLED television viewing experience as being nothing short of amazing, referencing it as the future of television.


LG was keen to use this showroom experience to highlight the differences in its two emerging technologies.  Hosting a television comparison zone, LG gave consumers the ultimate power in deciding which one they liked better for their home before both TVs are made available for pre-order at GITEX shopper. While the vision behind LG’s 105-inch 21:9 CURVED ULTRA HD TV was to bring the movie theater into the living room, LG focused on giving the television a unique surround sound capability, locating high quality speakers designed by Harman/Kardon on the curve of the TV to emulate being in a theatre.

The LG 4K OLED TV, although curved focuses on the richness of color it displays. The unit employs an advanced panel developed by LG Display which features LG’s proprietary Four-Color Pixel WRGB technology. With 33 million sub-pixels working to produce the most lifelike colors and infinite contrast ratio, viewers will feel like they’re watching the real thing. With richer, brighter and more natural hues, the self-lighting pixels also guarantee deeper blacks and its fast response rate helps the TV render motion flawlessly without flickering or blurring.

Not to be outdone by its television units, LG also proudly displayed its flagship mobile phone, in G3 activation zone built into the showroom. Incorporating the technology used in its televisions, G3’s breathtaking Quad HD display has a pixel density of 538ppi, setting new viewing standards by producing images that are sharper and clearer than traditional smartphone displays. At 5.5-inches with thin bezels all around the phone, users get a great view of whatever app they may use or whatever picture they snap with the G3’s 13 MP rear camera.

Speaking on the success of the showroom, D. Y. Kim, President, LG Electronics Gulf FZE said, “The feedback from the Showroom was great,  UAE consumers, were receptive to our latest line up and not surprisingly were more than excited to try the products out for themselves. With any great tech product, reading about the experience is one thing, but to allow consumers to have that experience for themselves means a great deal more. With all of the interest we’ve generated so far, GITEX is sure to be a great success for both our home entertainment and mobile communication business sectors.”

LG’s newest line-up will be on full display at GITEX Shopper, running from September 27 – October 4th 2014.

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