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Lenovo will launch low-cost Chromebook in early 2015

Lenovo has revealed that it plans to launch Chromebook models targeting the sub-$170 segment in early 2015, a move which will further drag down profits for notebook vendors, according to Taiwan-based supply chain makers.

Apparently, Lenovo’s Chromebooks will be powered by CPUs from China-based Rockchip Electronics and produced by China-based ODM Bitland Information Technology. Additionally, Rockchip will also be responsible for the integration of the supply chain for Lenovo.

Lenovo is expected to ship 1.5 million Chromebooks in 2015, increasing over 212% from a year earlier, according to various news reports. Meanwhile, global shipments of Chromebooks are expected to top six million units in 2014 and double to 12 million units in 2015, driven by shipments from Acer, Asustek Computer and Samsung Electronics in addition to Lenovo, say market research agencies.

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