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Afar Group Shows Off Luxwell UFO Range of “Intelligent Massage Chairs”

During our TAITRA media tour which happened in the first week of November 2014, one of the companies we stopped for window shopping was AFAR Group. The company markets sporting goods globally. The company is known for its fitness and recreational equipment in over 72 countries in five continents.

Though the company is located in Los Angeles, California, it has established two branch offices in Shanghai in Mainland China and Taichung in Taiwan. The company also boasts a well-managed sales channel around the globe.

UFO Massage Chair 2

There are four main product lines that AFAR Group deals in – Fitness, Cycle, Wellness, and Innovation. We were specifically interested in checking out the company’s Luxwell UFO range of Massage Chairs. This is a product that merges traditional massage chair design with patented alpha wave technology.

The product comes with double roller for the back and three different massage settings for the feet: tapping, kneading, waving and rolling. The massage chair also comes with three Alpha wave technologies in the helmet such as light, sound, and music.

According to the company, since the massage chair supports 216-degrees of inversion, it helps improve blood circulation.

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