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Samsung new wireless audio multiroom

Samsung Wireless Audio Multiroom

Samsung recently unveiled its latest innovation in the region, with the introduction of Wireless Audio Multiroom device, which is Wi-Fi and NFC-enabled. The device allow users to stream music, control sound and also playback from their smart devices. It also offers two-way functionality for a fuller and bolder range of sound.

Built for the way consumers live, the Wireless Audio Multiroom easily streams music from different Internet sources, including iTunes Radio. Available to both Android and iOS users, the Samsung Shape App lets users create playlists, adjust volumes, and even customize playback. ‘Party Play’ lets users play the same song on multiple speakers. ‘Single Play’ sounds one song on one speaker, and ‘Zone Play’ plays different songs on different speakers, repeating a song in the living room while an album shuffles in the kitchen.

The Wireless Audio Multiroom plays music from users’ smartphones through the Samsung Shape App, as well, and pairing them is now easier than ever with NFC. With just a tap, songs on a smartphone instantly play on the Wireless Audio Multiroom, offering users a hassle-free connection to their libraries of sound.

An important addition to Samsung’s family of devices, the Wireless Audio Multiroom works with Samsung’s TVs, Soundbars and BluRay players via NFC. By simply linking compatible devices to the Wireless Audio Multiroom speakers with the Multiroom Hub M250 and the Samsung Shape App, users can play music, movies and whatever else they choose in ‘Single Play’ mode or grouped with the rest of their home entertainment system in surround sound. Even traditional speakers can be linked to the Samsung Shape App with Samsung Link Mate, a device that integrates virtually any audio equipment into Samsung’s audio ecosystem.

The devise is available in three models M3, M5 and M7, which comes in Black and White and are priced at AED 699, AED 1,099, and AED 1,499, respectively, at retail stores across the region. The Multiroom Hub M250 will retail at AED 299.

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