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Review: Samsung Galaxy Note 4

EditorsChoiceSamsung has unveiled another iteration of the popular Note series and the device is making waves in the tech circuit with its impressive specifications. The Note series as you know falls in the phablet category and is aimed at business professionals who require a large screen which they can work on while on the move. If you are not averse to carrying around a large phone, then the verdict is already clear and the Note 4 is easily the best phablet in the market. In case you still need some convincing, take a look at all that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has to offer

The phone design had already been pretty much perfected by the company in Note 3. Sleek and slim design which goes well with the formal and business look of the target audience. In Note 4, the edges are a little smoother, more rounded off, and the design lives up to the quality that the Note 3 set.

The sides of the phone have been flattened even more, and you get a terrific grip, which helps immensely considering the size of the device. The power and volume keys have changed position a little and are even easier to access, regardless of whether you are left handed or right handed.

Let’s face it, the display of the phone is one of the first things you notice when you are using it. Samsung continues to shine in this regards and has equipped the Galaxy Note 4 with a Super AMOLED screen. The pixel density for the device has received yet another upgrade and currently stands at 515 PPI. Colors are rich, as we have come to expect from Samsung, and the device screen offers excellent contrast and hues. The wide viewing angle makes it ideal for impromptu multimedia presentations.

When we say that this is the best phablet you can buy right now, we do not say so lightly. Other experts around the world agree with this verdict, and for a very good reason. The Note 4 offers impressive hardware specifications and delivers rock solid performance.

This beast comes with a Snapdragon chip that Samsung has clocked at an astounding 2.7GHz. Add to that the fact that the Note 3 will also have 3 GB of RAM and you can be rest assured that the phone will easily handle heavy games and CPU intensive apps for a long time to come.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 delivers on its promises and has exceptional performance. It offers a good battery life and a host of features that put it a class apart from the competition. With support for 4G networks, dual band WIFI, fingerprint scanner, health trackers and more built into this single device, there is not much that you can ask for from Samsung.

For those who need a phone with a large screen, great display, superb connectivity and performance, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is an excellent choice indeed! The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is worthy of the Review Central Editors’ Choice award!

Price: AED 2799

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