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Review: HTC RE Camera

EditorsChoiceMost of us have wished taking a photograph was a simpler process. Sure, there are people who enjoy having an excruciating amount of control over every photo they click, but the vast majority wishes that they would get a perfect photograph with just one click. The HTC RE Camera is aimed at this vast majority and is making photography as simple as it can ever get.

A compact device with a wide angle lens and high resolution sensor, HTC RE looks nothing like a camera and is designed to snugly fit into your hands. Not just hands, the device aims to make capturing the world around you as painless as possible and offers you a wide range of accessories that will let you attach the HTC RE to your bike, your car, your backpack or even your window.


A 16 MP sensor ensures that the HTC RE will deliver high quality photos. The resolution is high enough to ensure that you do not miss out any precious details, yet HTC has ensured that you do not end up with a data overload. The quality of the pictures taken by the RE camera is exceptional and you will find that they capture almost everything you want in the photograph thanks to the wide angle lens with a view of almost 146 degrees.

The device does away with things like a viewfinder, and instead gives a whole new meaning to point and shoot. The images captured can be streamed to your smartphone, making data transfer the easiest thing ever. The HTC RE Camera can connect to both iPhones and Android devices.

It utilizes high speed data transfer technologies like WiFi Direct and Bluetooth 4.0 to ensure that images are streamed to your device in a jiffy. You can capture images as well as video, and video quality is going to be a satisfying 1080p full HD.

You know already that the RE Camera is compact, but HTC has completely redesigned the concept of the camera with their design for this device. Perhaps the best way to visualize it is to think of an asthma inhaler. The tube shape closely resembles the inhaler and HTC has done well by opting for this design.

The grip that you get on the camera is phenomenal and you can easily take steady shots using just one hand even on the most awkward angles. The camera simply fits into your hand and makes photography super convenient.

Small, compact, and fun, the HTC RE Camera is ideal for those who like taking a lot of photographs, but do not want to bother with too many controls. It is waterproof as well, so you can take it pretty much anywhere you go.

You also do not need to keep the smartphone around in order to use the RE camera. The price is certainly on the high side, but if convenience is what you have been looking for, you have your answer.

Price: AED 700 Approx.

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