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Review: WD My Book Thunderbolt Duo

The new storage unit from Western Digital called the My Book Thunderbolt Duo offers enormous amount of space in a relatively compact device. It is a book sized device which comes in three variants- 4TB, 6TB and 8TB. This external storage unit has specially formatted for Mac systems. The storage unit is easily customizable and is fit to be used both by professionals who crave for storage and performance and by individuals who need a lot of storage for archive and backup.

The best part of the unit is that it can be configured easily and has two modes- RAID 0 for performance and RAID 1 for redundancy. Using these features the users can connect this device to their Windows or Mac OS and also have secure storage.

The exterior of the storage unit from Western Digital resembles a book, although a very thick book. The two storage units from Hitachi are enclosed in a white and a gray enclosure with rubber feet and ventilated plastic cover to allow for cooling the unit. On the back side of the unit, there are two ports and one DC input.

WD My Book Thunderbolt Duo 3

A Kensington lock port is also provided for the security of the data stored in the unit. The thunderbolt ports have double the transfer rate that is provided by USB 3.0. The My Book Thunderbolt Duo comes pre-loaded with two 4TB Hitachi hard drives and configured for RAID 0.

Hence, you get a total of 8TB of storage, which is one of the largest capacities available in a desktop drive enclosure. The two Thunderbolt ports located on the back side of the unit are interchangeable which enable you to connect your Mac to one port and then daisy chain other display device to another port. You can press open the top flap and gain access to the two hard drives which can be removed easily out of the storage unit.

WD My Book Thunderbolt Duo 2

The performance of the storage unit is quite impressive and even better than its faster variant from Western Digital in the drag and drop test. It took 6 seconds for the device to transfer 1.2 GB of test data to the system which is definitely impressive. In the AJA system test, WD My Book Thunderbolt Duo scored with 257 Mbps of read speed and 263 Mbps of writing speed.

The primary attribute of this storage unit is its capacity, which is better than many in the market. It is perfect for the graphic designers and scientists which require large amounts of data at high speeds. If you require large storage capacity with a fair amount of speed at which it can be transferred, the device is just for you.

Tool less entry and access to the drives are some of the pros of the devices, but a plastic enclosure and slower 5400 RPM drives can also put you off.

Price: AED 1800 Approx.

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