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AOC offers healthy dose of computing

AOC the display specialist is all geared up to provide healthy diet of computing by incorporating new features that will make usage of healthy, comfortable and efficient.

According to the company, most people take too few factors into consideration when choosing their new monitor. Be that as it may, the latest generation of displays offers a huge number of useful features: they protect the eyes as well as the back and neck from damage, plus they offer a completely new visual experience. Furthermore, the latest generation of displays also helps enhance both productivity and comfort.

AOC claims that it takes users’ needs very seriously and makes sure that even their lowest-priced displays offer many of these features. Some of the ergonomic features aim to maximise productivity and protect users’ health by reducing fatigue and discomfort. For this reason, many displays manufactured by AOC provide a full range of ergonomic versatility such as pivot. The pivot feature enables the user to rotate the panel by 90°. This way, the viewer can easily turn the screen from landscape to portrait mode.

Besides useful ergonomic advantages, AOC has integrated an additional health-promoting feature in two of its displays (E2276VWM6 and E2476VWM6): Anti-Blue Light. This technology reduces harmful blue light and aims to prevent users from eye fatigue.

“We hear from our customers that full ergonomic flexibility, larger screens and eye health promoting features all contribute to a thrilling entertainment experience, increased productivity, more satisfied employees as well as reduced fatigue and absences caused by illness. This requires, however, that people realise that there are differences between displays. Put differently, investing in an AOC display with their very good price-performance ratio is an investment in quality of life at all levels”, says Thomas Schade, Vice President EMEA for AOC.

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