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Review: The Order 1886

The Order 1886 is a story driven game with single player control. It is hard to simply tell whether you will like or hate the game. The best part of the game is that there is a narrative that drives the game, but the fact that there are no micro transactions in the game might make it a linear game which many would not like.

What could be a tremendously good fare, is ruined by serious flaws in the design part of the game. Some of the design decisions are strange and disappointing which leaves the users quizzed. The Order: 1886 remains tangled in the effort to figure out what the game actually wants to be. Its movie like appearance while ignoring the importance of being a video game is serious issue that this game deals with.

The Order 1886 is a third person shooter game where you play as Sir Galahad in the backdrop of 19th century. There is nothing new about the shooter except some bizarre guns which fires electric rays. The rest of the guns are pretty ordinary comprising machine guns, pistols and rifles.

The arc gun, which spouts electricity and a rifle that ignites an area are impressive. The fact that you can carry only a pistol and one rifle at a time seriously limits the power to combat the enemies. Also, the weapons are not customizable. Other weapons that you can possess are smoke grenade and frag grenades.

However, you can be in possession of both at very rare occasions. Tesla also has developed a gadget which you will be using to break the circuits of electrical panels. It is like mini-game within the game and probably the saving grace of the game. Tesla’s inventiveness is not utilized to its potential which is yet another disappointing factor of the game.

The main character of the game-Sir Galahad embarks upon his journey with other knights who rarely help him. Most of the time, you will be playing alone fighting with the enemies. The categories of enemies that you would be encountering in the game are humans, werewolves, tough humans and QTE Bosses.

Simple cover shooter instances are generated which are fairly ordinary. You are also forced to take up a stealth mission where you are dead the moment you are caught sneaking. Most of time, you will be shooting the regular humans, but things get heated up when you face the tough humans and werewolves. Werewolves however attack in the same manner all the time and after a few instances, you will be able to dodge them easily.

While playing the game and engaging in gun battle gets exciting at times and you are most likely to enjoy them. The story of the game is built from the beginning and culminates in battles every now and then. The fact that the game is linear makes it little boring at times. It feels more like a movie than a game at places where you have to do nothing but to watch the narrative. If you love to play games with the story, you will most likely love it. Others can give this game a miss.

Price: AED 180

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