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Evolve is a first person shooting game created at a huge scale. The game is available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. The best feature of the game is monster design and introduction of four new hunters. Attention has been given to detail and depth of the graphics to make the game worth buying. The four new hunters who have been introduced in the game are Torvald who is an assault, a crow, a trapper, slim, the medic and Sunny for support. All the four hunters have different roles in the game.

Starting with Torvald, he is a half man, half robot who wields a huge gun to ward off the monsters. He is armed with automatic shotgun, which is more than a shotgun as it can unleash havoc on the monster with a single press of the trigger. If fired from a closer range, it can be a devastating for the monster.

Using the shrapnel grenades, you can make the monster vulnerable at several spots. You can attack on the weak points highlighted by the grenade with much accuracy and better chance to kill the monster. However, the best of the lot of weapons that Torvald has is mortar cannon. It is a simple point and shoot weapon which pumps artillery into the adversary’s body doing serious damage. It gets reloaded pretty fast. This hunter may lack flexibility, but is certainly the best of the lot.

The second hunter of the game is a crow who is a trapper. His job is to track the movement of the monster. He uses his pet bat to track the monster. It is the least impressive of the hunters as the pet bat is not always able to track the monster accurately. The gun he wields is a better weapon that his pet bat. If used  wisely can help to slow down the movement of the monster for a while. Press and hold the trigger of the gun to charge it. The statis gun fires an orb to the monster which slows down the monster even further.

The medic this time is slim and equipped with a simple gun, which is not offensive at all. If Slim is the last man standing, he would be no use in the game. For support, a female hunter Sunny has been introduced. She wields an assault rifle which can be useful at times. Evolve has all the ingredients of an amazing combat game.

Behemoth the monster is certainly a great monster with invincible power and that is what is the beauty of the game. If you have been a fan of monster games, you are bound to like it. The best feature of the game is that it has been made on a huge scale and a lot of effort has been put on the graphics and AI. Some of the negative points about the game is that it becomes repetitive at times. The game is however tense and thrilling and game play is absolutely stunning.

Price: AED 170

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