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Sira, Children’s app on Prophet Muhammad unveiled

Alpha Apps, the Abu Dhabi-based mobile apps developer, launched today the first mobile application that introduces children to “Sira”, the life story of Prophet Muhammad.

Using stunning high quality illustrations, and being of the most avalanched productions of applications developed in the region, ‘Sira’ walks children through the life of Prophet Muhammad from birth till the last pilgrimage. The mobile application was developed by a very professional team of programmers, artists, and audio experts, in addition to specialized educationalists, is meant to be the first of its kind with such quality.

The launch was planned in the holy of Ramadan, to provide the right opportunity for parents to introduce their children to ‘Sira’ which focuses on the ethics of the prophet and the Islamic teachings that call for tolerance, mercy and moderation. Indeed, these teachings have to be conveyed to children in an artistic manner that reflects the technological advancement of the current generation, particularly given the fact that a huge portion of online content on Islam is not child-friendly.

”Sira’ is available in both English and Arabic, and contains interactive features and children’s games. It aims at teaching these children about the life of the Prophet  including landmark events in his life, such as his call for Islam, which reflects the tolerance of this religion and the ethics it promotes, as well as the foundations that the Prophet has helped build in order to create communities of good, work and ethics’, said Saed Gorani, Chief Technical Officer of Alpha Apps.

In an effort to expand the reach of ‘Sira’, Alpha Apps has also signed a partnership agreement with Almwajaha Worldwide, the global Islamic productions company, to promote the launch.

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