Review: Logitech MX Master

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Logitech is a Swiss multinational company that has emerged as a leader in manufacturing of computer and tablet accessories. The company has launched many new and innovative products in the digital world. Logitech MX Master is a new innovative wireless mouse manufactured by the company which is capable of not just one but three computers. It is a rechargeable wireless mouse that can be used with both Macs and Windows PCs.

The design of the mouse is similar to the Performance Mouse MX. It is carefully designed to be crafted in the right hands of the users. The mouse features with a thumb rest with a hidden button that allows you to do gestures when you lay your hands on the mouse. The new Logitech is fuelled with a thumb wheel and there are also two more buttons above it.

At the top there are left and right click buttons and a scroll wheel. There is also a button to release the click mechanism of the wheel and it allows free spinning of the wheel instead of all clicky. The wheel at the top doesn’t tilt sideways, you can use the new thumb wheel for horizontal scrolling. Since this rodent does not have a replaceable AA batteries, thus at the nose there is a micro-USB port that is used to charge it.

Underneath the mouse there is also a button which allows to control the devices you want to use with it, it can be paired with up to 3 Bluetooth devices.

You don’t require a USB dongle to get connected, you can just pair this rodent with your computer through Bluetooth smart. With the Logitech options app you can customize the functions of each button present on the mouse. One of the main features of the MX Master is the speed adaptive scroll wheel. It means that when you scroll slowly it resists a little and clicks as it scroll, which provide some haptic feedback.

But when you give it a flick, it will start spinning freely, which allows you to quickly scroll through the pages and documents. The device works on Darkfield lasers, which works on all surfaces, even on glass windows. It slides very smoothly even on less uniform surfaces. The maximum usage of the battery on one time full charging is 40 days, you can also use it while charging it.

The only issue with the rodent is that is it fits perfectly in the right hand and when you use it left hand the ergonomics become a bit awkward. Logitech used to make left handed mouse, but it was found that nobody bought that and even left handers used right handed mouse.

The ergonomics of the mouse is amazing. It is extremely accurate and offers smooth scrolling. Offers diversity as it allows you to connect with three Bluetooth devices. The inclusion of the rechargeable battery will make sure that you don’t have to bother to buy a new battery after every few days.

Price: AED 370 approx.