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Panasonic introduces new headphones

Panasonic launched Bone Conduction headphones that are much more refined and lightweight with conveniently located controls. The HGS10 Bone Conduction headphone is a new experience for the uninitiated with the open ear concept that delivers clear sounds directly to your ear bone.

Unlike usual headphones, the bone conduction headphones do not have buds that fit into the ear, they emit music through the outside hence enabling the user to hear voices from around without completely shutting off.

The HGS10 sits directly in front of your ear canal, instead of inside or over the ear, allowing music to pass freely through your ear bone resulting in a clean, crisp sound that’s free from distraction. By conducting music through the bone, these headphones allow you to hear the outside world without ruining your favourite songs.

Additionally, because the ear canal is used for listening rather than the ear drum, these headphones are good choices for the elderly or children’s delicate ears.

HGS10 is both water resistant (IPX4) and light weight which makes it easy to carry around and highly durable. Moreover, the HGS10 comes with three reflective strips that are perfect for night time listening and are currently available in the UAE from Al Futtaim Panasonic stores for AED 299.

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