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Review: Sony Cybershot DSC-HX90V

Sony has a reputation of adding a high resolution camera to its portfolio, where they have actually changed the definition of the camera features. In April 2015, Sony is again back in the market with the bang, introducing its stunning product i.e. Sony Cybershot DSC-HX90V.

This time Sony has featured world’s smallest digital camera which goes up to 30x optical zoom lens and adding hundreds of amazing features to its list. Sony’s latest super zoom camera, inherits some of the features of its premium RX camera series, including a control ring around the lens and an amazing pop-up electronic viewfinder. Sony is just not a name, it is known for their innovative products in the market. In the past few years Sony has emerged to be as one of the leaders in the gadget market by its quality and innovative ideas.

DSC-HX90V follows the same design template like other compact cameras. Its small rectangle has dimensions of 2.3 x 4 x 1.4 inches that weigh up to 8.6 ounces, but its colour restricted and available only in black. The lens is slightly protruding from the body and surrounded by the control ring around it, provided with the modest hand grip on the right side, so that it becomes easy to click pictures. A pop-up flash is hidden on the top plate, like EVF.

The lens is very powerful and has 30x zoom, which makes it effortlessly good and ensures visualization of every minute detail. It can cover scenes from 24 mm to 720 mm when zoomed with an in-camera enhanced features, which can be reached up to 1,440 mm. DSC-HX90V has two control dials – one on the rear and the other around the lens, which is used when the pictures are shot in the full manual mode, the front ring adjusts the f-stop and the rear ring adjusts the speed of the shutter.

Wi-Fi, support with NFC is a built in feature added to the Sony camera. The striking feature is that if you are an iPhone user, then still you can connect it to the network that the camera broadcasts and just enter the password initially for the authentication purpose. An app called the PlayMemories Mobile app for iOS and Android makes it quite easy to copy images and MP4 videos to your phone.

The HX90V records videos in different formats with the requirement of SDXC memory card, highest quality mode, use the XAVC codec to record 50 Mbps 1080p footage at 24fps, 30fps or 60fps whereas in MP4 footage 28 Mbps is basically required.

The DSC-HX90V has an enormous battery life up to 390 shots in 195 minutes. The add on in the box is AC Adapter USB10C/UB10D with Micro USB cable.

If you are a picture or video lover, then this device is meant for you! All in all, DSC-HX90V is a strong performer with the price tag of $430. It is high time for the pictures lovers to enjoy the amazing clarity of pictures and click every moment to make it a memory.

Price: $430

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