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Review: Huawei TalkBand B2

In this modern era of technology, the market is flooded with the wearable devices, even every company is trying their level best to make a product which can stand out. One of the wearable devices is Huawei TalkBand B2, a unique device that is part activity tracker and part Bluetooth headset.

The TalkBand B2 is a tracking device that can sync Jawbone’s powerful up software, which opens the door to smart coaching features and daily health tips. The wrist worn device is smart enough to measure the steps you take each day, your calories burned and sleep at night. There is a vibration on board which tells you to wake up in the morning or remind you to wake up and get moving.

The screen on the TalkBand B2 turns on automatically when you twist your wrist. However, it is quite similar to Apple Watch and available in three different colors i.e. silver, black and gold. The black and silver models come with the rubber strap and are water resistant, whereas the gold color model is blessed with the premium leather stitched strap with the rating of IP55. But, its disadvantage is it can easily tangle in clothes, all thanks to the abrupt edges.

Huawei has disappointed the users with its earlier version B1 because of its toyish plastic body, but this time Huawei has learned the lesson by providing a metal housing which instantly looks and feels more premium. There is a physical key on the right which acts as a lock / power key. The device has the display screen of 0.7 inches PMOLED fully touchscreen. A slide of the finger will scroll you to the four core functions like calories, sleep, timer and steps.

The device also has the striking feature of Bluetooth, press two buttons together at the base of the device and it will pop out of the strap reveling the earpiece of the Bluetooth. You can then just stick the device to your ear and chat to whoever called you up, and then simply return the device to the strap when it’s done. The device also has the MicroUSB charging port which is hidden under the main core of the B2, so for the purpose of charging you have to remove it from the strap to charge.

90mAh battery promises to provide five days battery backup to you TalkBand B2, which is pretty impressive, but it dramatically drops off when you use device for calling purposes. At the time of the calls, it supports for seven hour battery life.

TalkBand B2 supports Android 4.0 or up and iOS 7 and up. All you need is to download the TalkBand app from the Google play or the AppStore to begin with the setup.

The Huawei TalkBand B2 is a unique device with enhanced features as compared to the TalkBand B1 and even compels you to enjoy the striking features if you like to use Bluetooth headset. The device is listed at $300, which is worth for such brilliant features.

Price: $300 approx.

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