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Review: Apple Watch

Apple is the synonym for innovation and creativity! The company always emphasizes on making something special that is simply extraordinary and it disappoints the users with its Apple watch. The Apple Watch is a bold device, the product of the brand is trying to shake up the range of watches that other brands offer and hence proves it to be a cool device.

Apple Watch is a simple way to stay connected without always checking your mobile phone. The Apple Watch is not a standalone, in fact, it is a phone accessory. To use this device, you must own an iPhone 5 or later versions. The Watch is packed with a number of apps and features in every field such as communication, fitness, time and information, etc. Simple, it reminds of Samsung Gear smartwatches, but a treat for visualization.

Apple Watch looks like a fine jewelry, in fact, it is an elegant piece of wearable tech. Apple Watch is a rectangular simplicity as compared with bolder, Android wear watches. It is a revamped version of the iPod Nano and combined with its sleek built. The Watch is 42mm length, width and thickness is quite similar to the pebble steel and is considered to be one of the smallest smartwatch available in the market.

Another version of 38 mm is even smaller and looks great on the wrist and didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. The Watch has a Sapphire crystal glass, that fully covers the edges and it seems like scratch magnet. The device has a mini scroll wheel which can be clicked or turned, and moves smoothly. The second button on the device brings all the favorite contacts, or triggers Apple Pay with a double click. Swiping and tapping the screen allows you to navigate and the crown can be used for the navigation in some apps or just tap the screen to zoom the content.

All the Apple Watches have a new S1 processor made by Apple, and the “Taptic” engine and a force-sensitive with a bright OLED display, which has different sizes on the “38mm” and “42mm” models. The watch is bursting with numerous features like gyrometer, accelerometer and heart-rate meter but no on-board GPS. It has a Bluetooth 4.0 connection and 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi to connect to your phone or your home network. There is built-in microphone and speaker, but no headphone jack.

The Apple Watch is not a full-fledged iPhone replacement, it helps in making calls but can’t add new contacts. It listens to dedicated texts and sends them as an audio message or transcription, but it doesn’t have any edit function. The watch does not have a big display size for watching the YouTube videos and making efforts to comment on the Facebook post on that tiny display screen would be terrible.

The Watch provides a restricted platform, as it can only be connected to iOS instead of other platforms like Android or Windows. If you wish for something innovative under the Apple brand name, then Apple Watch can be a good choice to own.

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