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Review: Asus G20 Gaming PC

The Asus Republic of Gamers G 20 is one of the most efficient and attractive gaming devices, which offers customized effects and features to the gamer. When it comes to looks, it resembles a perfect gaming device and not a formal machine. So, it sets the perfect mood of playing games. It is a good choice for the gamers and has acquired enough popularity in a short while among gamers.

It is similar to the Alienware X51 when it comes to design and look. It is a good looking and compact device. Asus G 20 is a portable one and gamers can enjoy the entire benefits in terms of shape and size. The looks are bold and attractive. This sets up the sporting mood and allows you to enjoy the essence of gaming completely. It has all the features of a perfect gaming computer which gamers actually look for.  Its design is overall stylish, smart and trendy.

The device is very powerful for gaming the gaming PC is provided with Intel Core i7-4790 quad core processor. So, there is everything to enjoy about the machine. A perfect gaming device needs good processor and a powerful operating system. So, when you  pot for the device, you can enjoy all the features and get them customized.

The device is powered with Nvidia GeForce GTX 760 graphics card. It provides you with the gaming power to you. Needless to say, it is innovative and provides you with the perfect experience of gaming. The graphic card is double loaded and in spite of the small size, you can enjoy the gaming tactics here.

The device comes with a guarantee of two years and there is Bluetooth and USB connectivity in the device. The performance is awesome and you can trust on the connectivity to get the best gaming experiences. You can download the games and go online whenever you feel like.

Gaming needs certain criteria and when you get in touch with the perfect gaming device from Asus, you can enjoy optimum gaming experience in terms of graphics and sound effects. The devise is powerful and does not hang. The graphic cards are good and you can enjoy the perfect visual treats when you count on the reputed gaming device.

The charging system too, is good and you can enjoy long spells of gaming. A lot of scope is allotted to customization and you can increase the rightness of the screen as needed. The sound system is also good and the audio effects can be enjoyed in the true sense of the term. After all, it comes at a decent price which true gamers will never mind to pay. All in all, it will be a good experience using this gaming PC.

Price: AED 3500 approx.

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