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Review: Philips 288P6 4K Monitor

Here is a great gaming monitor for you from Philips. The excellent dimension of the monitor is going to be perfect for you, if you are fond of gaming and other high end computing on your PC. The fully equipped model from Philips is ready to meet all you need through one single device. The excellent features of the device that you will get will help you understand the specialty of the device in full.

The graphic display of the device has been never configured in any of the devices before and here are the display features of it. You will get a display that offers a perfect 4K resolution at 3840-by-2160 pixels. The graphic ratio is as high as 16:9 and thus you can well understand that you are going to find the exact thing that you are looking for from the device.

The device’s LCD panel is TFT supported and you will get the backlighting also in the form of LCD. The response time of the device is quite high and that is the most important feature in the device. It is generally 5ms, but in smart response feature you will get the support till 1ms.

Pivot is in portrait mode and you will get the support of 90 degree inclination in them. The monitor has the power of great speakers indeed. You will find that there are 2 speakers in the monitor itself and the total power of them all combined is 3W.

Inside the package, you will get a power cable and a DVI cable with dual link. VGA Cable and a high end audio cable are also included in the box, along with the quick start kit. You also get the manual CD and the required drivers along with the device that will help you to set up the system as per your requirement.

You will get a perfect stand with the device and including everything, the package weights 8-kg approximately. However without stand, the device weights near about 5-kg. You will get the perfect connectivity support with a left and right half speaker port and five USB support.

Three of them are 2.0 ports and two of them are 3.0 ports. There is a HDMI support port and a VGA port included in the system and that makes the system unique with all the features included in it. The display quality of the device is also quite high and that makes the device one of the top one in market.

Price: AED 1799

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