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Review: Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is a smart watch manufactured by Apple Inc launched in April 2015. The Apple Watch is the best seller wearable device and 4.2 million units of it were sold in the first quarter of its release. Apple launched the Apple Watch with an aim to free its user of the cell phones and it took the technology to a next level.

The watch comes in 3 designs – Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch and Apple Watch Edition and features two cases sizes – 38 mm and 42 mm. The Apple Watch is an influential device which took the smart watch market in its hands quickly after its launch. The design of the watch is rectangular with excellent cuts and it is way too elegant to look at.

For many people the curved rectangular design is amazing and for some it is annoying because its not circular. There is a mixed opinion regarding the shape and design of the watch. Although it has a clear robust look it still fails to melt the hearts a lot of people. There are in total 38 models of the Apple watch based on different bands, backs, screens and cases in which 12 are of Apple Watch Sport, 20 of Apple Watch and 8 of Apple Watch Edition. The watch ranges from $399 to $17,000.

The Apple Watch works on a newly created S1 Processor which has been exclusively developed by Apple Inc for its smart watch. There is a separate Operating system called as the Watch OS on which the Apple Watch runs. It has a bright Retina AMOLED Display that comes out in two different sizes for the two different cases. The watch uses Bluetooth 4.0 or Wi-Fi to connect to the user’s iPhone. It is compatible only with iPhone 5 or later iPhones which runs on iOS 8.2 or later.

The watch has the ability to receive messages, make calls, check notifications and check information. It is pre loaded with apps like e-mail, phone, calendar, messages, maps, music, photos, reminders, stock and wallet which is similar to the iPhone. The Watch also tracks the fitness record of its user. With a dedicated workout app the watch traces your heart beat, your running distance and other activities.

It also collects data and sends it to the iPhone so that it can be used in the smart phone’s health application. The display of the watch has a Force Touch technology that can distinguish between a tap and a press. Siri (Voice Command) is also installed in the watch which makes it more convenient to use. All the Apple watches have 8 GB memory out of which 2 GB can be used to store music and 75 MB can be used for photos.

The watch has a decent battery backup of up to 18 hours or 6.5 hours of audio playback or 3 hours of talk time. It uses a 205 mAh battery for 38mm case and a 246 mAh battery for 42 mm case. If the battery drains below 10 per cent, the watch automatically enters into a power saving mode that extends its functioning up to 72 hours.

The watch although loaded with a lot of features is considered as a luxury because of its high price. Not every iPhone user can afford the Apple Watch and it is not an absolute necessity to own it. On the other side the watch has created a new era of technology and has improved our lifestyle with no doubts.

Price: $399 to $17000

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