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Review: Jabra Eclipse

During a busy schedule and when you are most of the time either driving or moving from place to another, a Bluetooth headset can be of great support for you. Using a Bluetooth handset which is lightweight but provides perfect sound clarity and offers noise isolation can be beneficial for attending calls while driving or moving around.

The Jabra Eclipse has brought this quality and it is one of the lightest Bluetooth headsets in the market. The price of the headset is around $130 which is quoted on the company’s website and you can also avail it from other online shopping sites.

It has been always seen that people forget to charge their little Bluetooth headset and then face problems attending calls while on the move. Jabra tried to deal with this problem and they came out with a little dock which holds and charges the headset even when it is in your pocket.

Another problem that can be solved with this dock is that people most of the time forgets to take their little Bluetooth headset after removing it from their ears. But when you have the dock with you and you place it in the dock, then there is less chance of your forgetting the whole package.

The headset is lightweight but very stylish and attractive. The tail of the headset is not so long but offers very good voice clarity along with noise isolation which is very much required for the people who uses Bluetooth devices while travelling or in a crowded place. The dock or the pod of the headset can charge the Bluetooth device even when it is not connected with the electricity.

As the pod itself carries little bit of charge which can at least charge the headset for few hours more and with the new technological innovation it is quite expectable. The other features included in the headset are like there is no on-off button on the device. Once you take it out of the pod and place it in your ears it is on.

The device will generate a voice message that it is connected and also inform about the amount of battery charge available and then you can use it. To answer the calls, there is voice command option inbuilt that is for answering you need to say ‘answer’ and to reject the call, you need to say ‘ignore’. And this features works very well on the headset and really easy for a person while he or she is driving or busy in other works.

Another interesting feature is the headset says the name of the person calling and this is done according to the numbers and names saved on your mobile. There are also LED lights to inform about the battery level and there are lights on the headset too which turns up into red or green according to whether the device is charging or not.

The Jabra Eclipse is really having cool features and is easy to handle and the price tag is reasonable according to the features it comes with.

Price: $130

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