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7 tips to protect devices from viruses

We all suffer from computer viruses day in day out, ever since the very first known computer virus, Elk Cloner hit Apple users way back in 1982 as a prank created by a 15-year-old high school student. But now it has become a serious threat to all of us and Paladion, the global security specialists recently shared 7 tips to protect our devices from viruses:

Tip #1 A virus usually has a signature, so using a trusted antivirus will help detect and stop it from infecting your systems.

Note: Sometimes viruses have several variants that cannot be detected by an antivirus. This is because of unavailability of a signature or heuristic pattern for a new variant, which is usually addressed in some time.

A virus usually spreads via a:
1.a) USB
2.b) Drive by downloads
3.c) Email
4.d) Rerouting a Web

So, be watchful during these activities.

Tip #2: Disable Autorun on your system and ensure you scan your USB before use.  Some antiviruses have options to automate the process.

Tip #3: Use a secure browser and an updated browser.  Browser exploits are very common and an updated browser reduces the threat surface by a lot. As an additional security measure, using a No Script Plugin can disable scripts from all websites and you can white list trusted websites to run script.

Tip #4: Do not open email/links that seem suspicious or are not intended for you.

Tip #5: Most antiviruses have browser protection.  Just ensure that the feature is enabled.

Tip #6: Use a host firewall and ensure inbound connections are in block mode unless absolutely required.

Tip #7:  This is a PRO-TIP ensure all unnecessary services are turned off if not required.   Configuring your system to match the CIS Hardening Checklist for Windows is a good approach.

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