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Review: Sennheiser Momentum 2.0

The Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 is the improved version of the immensely popular and appreciated over-the-ear headphones that released in 2012, the Sennheiser Momentum. This new version improved on the one known issue of the original momentum headphones i.e. the size of ear cups.

The Momentum 2.0 comes with bigger ear cups that add extra comfort to the already amazing Momentum headphones. The basic aesthetics and design are mostly the same with a few minor changes. The basic design of the Momentum 2.0 is completely similar to the original one, with only one major change, the size or ear pads.

The original Momentum is still considered to be one of the best looking premium headphones. The new version does provide more comfort to the ears, but also takes away the classic look of the original one. Bigger ear cups give the momentum 2.0 a pushy feel and a cocksure look.

Well, as it is often said, ‘beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’, the new design might seem better to you. Memory foam and leather are present almost everywhere on the momentum 2.0, including the headband and the ear pads, making the pair extremely comfortable to wear, even for long hours.

This exquisite pair of headphones is also optimized for use on mobile devices, and also has a 3-button remote that can be used to play/pause music and receive/end phone calls. The new momentum 2.0 comes in new color choices as well. Also, these headphones are quite sturdy, and can be used while exercising.

Along with providing the ultimate level of comfort, the new improved momentum headphones stick on the ears equally well. Just like the original ones, version 2.0 delivers amazing sound quality. The bass is real, and can be felt in detail. Nothing seems forced or tawdry with these headphones.

Every pitch, every note, and every sound, all are extremely clear and the bass is especially quite deep. Along with the normal bass present in the music, a bass boost, that is the signature feature of Sennhesier, is also present in the Momentum 2.0. The sub-bass is also amazing, that feels deep and natural. The treble is again, simply amazing. However, it can feel a bit sharp at first, and will take a little getting used to.

But, the headphones are not at fault here. This may be experienced because of an upgrade from lighter and softer headphones. In terms of sound quality, the Momentum 2.0 completely shines. There are not any noticeable differences between the two in terms of sound quality. Both versions of the premium headphones are almost equally pleasing to the ears.

Version 2.0 is definitely better in terms of comfort. The first momentum is premium over-the-ear headphones that are not as bulky as the other supreme headphones in the market, but the new version takes that away. If you already own the first Momentum headphones and are satisfied with them, the newer ones don’t have much to offer.

The Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 is one of the best premium over-the-ear headphones in their price range, but are not a significant upgrade to the original ones. However, they were not even meant to be. They improve on the flaws of the first version, and literally give life to music!

Price: AED 899

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