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Review: JBL Charge 3

There is an abundance of wireless Bluetooth speakers in the market, but the world is aware that JBL is in a completely different league. In countless top 10 lists, JBL headphones and speakers have consistently made it to the top 3. A great feature that only JBL boasts is the provision for the usage of wireless speakers as spare batteries (Charge line).

The JBL charge 3 is no different as it bears almost everything that makes JBL a juggernaut. Talking about the look and feel, the JBL charge 3 is quite similar to the JBL charge 2+. Given that the charge 2+ was highly rated and appreciated worldwide, this is a good decision by JBL.

Also, the improved functionality of the charge 3 is available at almost the same price as charge 2+. One significant improvement is that the charge 3 is fully waterproof whereas the charge 2+ is water resistant. The claim is proven with an IPX7 waterproof certificate.

The size is a little larger when compared to the charge 2+. However, the increase in weight would just be around 20%. The dimensions of the charge 3 are 213 x 87 x 88.5mm. Also, the charge 3 is highly durable. The outside is mostly fabric but it is rugged with a rubber housing. The

charge 3 can easily survive direct falls to the ground. Of course, as it is a Bluetooth enabled speaker, you can use the built-in microphone to answer voice calls on your phone. In terms of battery life, the JBL charge 3 is highly impressive. The 6000mAh battery can last up to 20 hours.

This means that you can enjoy uninterrupted music playback for almost the whole day. Another interesting feature of the JBL charge 3 is that it supports JBL connect. This feature can be used to connect a whole bunch of JBL connect enabled speakers. This means that you can easily create your very own audio ecosystem. Overall, the JBL charge 3 boasts a good amount of features at a decent price.

It is beyond any doubt that it looks great as well. The million dollar question is that does the charge 3 fare better in terms of performance and sound quality when compared to the charge 2+?

The abridged answer would be no! However, the charge 3 is definitely louder and its bass is better. But, when aspects like depth, bass definition, treble and sound balance are considered, the charge 2+ wins the battle. But, considering that the price at which the charge 3 is offered is not much different than the cost of charge 2+, the slightly inferior overall sound quality is not that big an issue.

Also, in large and open environments, the louder charge 3 will shine! Therefore, the charge 3 is not really an upgrade to the charge 2+. Instead, it is more of a variant that offers loudness at the cost of sound quality. As stated earlier, the compromise in audio quality is not very significant.

The charge 3 is a great offering from JBL. It is suited for people who prefer loudness over sound quality details. However, people who pay close attention to every beat will prefer the charge 2+.

Price: AED 559

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