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Review: Homido VR Headset

Virtual reality is entering our world at a rapid pace. A technology which was once available in fantasies and movies is now present in the market and can be used with the help of a smartphone and a VR headset. Given the increasing popularity of virtual reality, brands like HTC, Project Morpheous, Samsung and Oculus have released their respective VR headsets.

However, an unknown name like Homido has also entered the competition. The million dollar question is whether it is good enough to challenge the big players or not?

The Homido VR headset comes with a full plastic body. Compared to the Google Cardboard, the Homido VR headset is quite sturdy and good looking. The inner side of the VR headset contains a cushion that rests ahead of your eyes and head. The cushion makes it comfortable to wear the device for continuous and long use.

The cushion can also be removed in case it damages after time. By default, there is one strap attached to the Homido VR headset which keeps the device in place. However, a second strap is also provided which can be used to increase the level of comfort. A big bummer is that people with spectacles cannot use this device.

Yes, there is an inbuilt lens than can be adjusted to compensate for glasses, but it takes away a lot of comfort. The image quality and the distance between the lenses and your eyes is adjustable. There are two red knobs and one red slider on the device that serve as the image quality and distance controls.

The plastic clip that accommodates the smartphones is a really nice addition. It enables a whole lot of smartphones to be used with the VR headset. Different screen sizes can be accommodated in the clip.

Developers are focusing a lot of their efforts on virtual reality. As a result, the Apple app store as well as the Google play store offer a good choice of VR apps. 360° viewing is an interesting task that a person can do with a VR headset. YouTube has a section for VR enabled videos.

Users can also download the Homido Center and start their virtual reality filled journey. It is noticeable that the number of VR enabled apps are much less when compared to other apps in the respective stores. Also, the Homido lacks Amy sort of button that enables users to interact with VR games or apps.

As a result, some apps or games are simply unplayable with the Homido VR headset. For every VR enabled app to function, you’ll need to buy a Bluetooth enabled gamepad. Homido offer their own gamepad as well.

The Homido VR headset is a great device for people who want to get a taste of virtual reality with their smartphones. However, the price is not justified in any way. It basically performs just like the Google Cardboard. In simple terms, the Homido VR headset is what Google Cardboard would’ve been if it was made of plastic!

Price: AED 299

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