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Review: Polaroid Zip Photoprinter

Polaroid is a brand that is renowned for providing an extensive range of printers for your camera. Among many of the products that you can avail, the recently launched Polaroid Zip Photoprinter is one of the chosen best. It has the capacity to bring out photos that you have snapped instantly from your mobile phone. Here are some of the features that you will like in the device. The device prints all the images on your phone within seconds and that too with a sticky back page.

The top feature that is attractive in this device is its low weight which is just 186-gms. So, you can carry it along with you easily. If you are a photographer, you might be using high quality phone for capturing images. With this device in your bag, you can take print of images any time. You will need only a minute to print the images, with the perfect look and perfect colour support.

To connect the device with your phone, you just need to use the NFC technology or the Bluetooth of both the devices. These two are sufficient to connect the phone and the printing device. The printouts that you would get from this device will be only 2” x 3” and thus is perfect for handing out to the clients or your friends at any condition and at any place. The magical feature that you will get in the device is the colour output and that too with zero ink facility.

It is compact and you can well manage it in your bag. The size in particular is 2.91” and in length it is 4.72”. So you can understand that it is quite handy and portable. Just connect the device with your phone or laptop and take the print instantly. You will have to install an app for controlling the device and that is downloadable over the play store and the android market.

The photos that you are going to get from the device are smudge free. This is an additional advantage, since you are going to deliver the product directly to your friends or clients on the go. The second thing is that the back side of the images has a sticky cover. This is going to be handy for any one, especially when he or she wants to paste the image anywhere as a sticker.

Price: AED 1100 approx.


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